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Foldscope Cover Slips (100 pieces)

Foldscope Cover Slips (100 pieces)


These Foldscope Glass Coverslips provide the best image while protecting your sample, but they are very fragile. Be very careful when removing and placing them. If you’re using a ring sticker, you can simply use a glass coverslip to seal the ring instead of the clear plastic cover on the sticker. You can also use a glass coverslip without a ring sticker by simply placing your sample on the slide and then gently placing a glass coverslip on top. This technique works best for samples that are very thin and at least slightly moist, as that allows a seal to form between the slide, sample, and coverslip.


Good samples for this method include:

  • Blood
  • Bacteria and yeast samples
  • Cheek cells
  • Algae
  • Skin from an inner onion layer

100 Pieces.  Size:  22mm x 22mm.  Thickness:  .13-.17mm

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