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Unassembled Single Pouch + Led Magnifier

Unassembled Single Pouch + Led Magnifier


Great for begginers looking to get the most for their dollar, we offer the Unassembled Basic Single Poucht (USP) + LED Magnifier combo. With this combo, you'll get all the needed basic essentials to make your first observations + 1 Unassembled foldscope + 1 LED Magnifier for a great price!


The LED Magnifier is a combination of a LED light and magnifying hand lens. Attach it to the back of a Foldscope for a high-quality light source, or use its magnifying lens to investigate and preview your sample. Illumination techniques such as darkfield and brightfield can easily be achieved with this tool.




  • 1 Welcome letter
  • 1 Foldscope Microscope (140x lens) - (Unassembled)
  • 1 Field Guide Card
  • 1 Cell phone coupler
  • 1 Paper/tape slide
  • 1 Instruction sheet 
  • 1 Nylon carrying pouche
  • 1 Unique ID sticker
  • 1 Phone Coupler
  • 1 Promotional Sticker
  • 1 Sheet of Ring Stickers
  • 1 Sheets of Clear Stickers
  • 1 Cotton Swab
  • 1 LED Magnifier
  • 2 magnetic couplers (for attaching LED Magnifier to Foldscope)
  • 2 AG-10 button cell alkaline batteries
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